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Five Upgrades That Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property


If you plan on investing in your commercial real estate property, renting it to tenants, or selling it to a prospective buyer, here are some methods you can employ to boost the value. Make it Eco-Friendly In today’s marketplace, buyers are interested in the environmental impact of the buildings they are considering, regarding both efficiency of energy and water usage and environmental footprint. Analyze your opportunities to harness commercial technologies including ...

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What’s a Better Investment: Self Managing or 3rd-Party Property Management?


The current commercial real estate market is brimming with uncertainties that could lead us down many different paths. This unpredictable environment has office property owners and landlords searching for ways to save on operating costs while maintaining stability for whatever the future might bring. Is Property Management Worth It? Not surprisingly, third-party management services are often one of the first items placed on the chopping block. When markets are strong, many ...

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