4 Summer Rental Tips for Property Owners

Oct 29th 2015

With spring already in full swing, many rental property owners are starting to look ahead to the upcoming vacation season. Summer — the busiest rental season — is just around the corner. It’s time to dust off those linens and prepare for the make-or-break time of year.

For property owners looking for new levels of success in 2016, here are the top four summer rental business tips to follow.

Take Fresh Pictures

Studies show that property photos are the most compelling information to travelers when they are choosing between rental listings. If you haven’t updated pictures of your property since a remodel, or if the current listing pictures are lacking natural light because they were taken in fall or winter, it is time to collect a fresh batch of shots. Showing lots of natural light is of particular importance for summer rentals.

Prove You’re Technology-Friendly

Today’s travelers want to leave some aspects of their everyday lives behind, but technology isn’t likely to be one of them. They want to be able to get online reliably with a laptop, save phone data by connecting to the property’s wifi, and share pictures and stories with their loved ones on social media. If you have a good wireless internet connection, show potential renters by doing a speed test and posting a screenshot of the result.

Update Neighborhood Info

Restaurants close, construction projects cause problems, new opportunities pop up — neighborhoods are always evolving. When picking a rental, travelers demand up-to-date information about what surrounds the property. If they find more or better info on Yelp and other sites, they may not trust anything you say in the listing.

To earn their trust and inspire them to choose your listing, provide a brief overview of favorite or recommended places to visit in the neighborhood that are relevant up-to-the-minute.

Respond Quickly

A lot of requests coming in should be a good thing. Don’t make it a negative by failing to respond quickly. To make sure you maintain consistent, efficient communication at all times, start writing some response templates now, before the summer rush begins. You can’t predict every issue that could arise, but a few brief templates will come in handy when questions start rolling in soon.

Property Management Assistance

With the advice above, you should be on track for a successful summer rental season this year. For more assistance with the complex task of property asset management all year round, please visit the New Vistas Corporation homepage for more information about the comprehensive services we offer.

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