5 Signs You Need to Expand Your Office

Apr 17th 2012

Growing companies must be able to provide consistent service to customers and clients and meet an ever-increasing list of demands. Adding space to an existing office or moving your office entirely may seem like a hassle, but every growing company reaches a point where it’s unavoidable. The sooner you make the move, the better. Many companies wait until productivity and employee morale suffers. At New Vistas Corporation, we view expansion as an opportunity. Here’s five signs that you need to expand or relocate your office.

The Conference Room has become an Office

Don’t let short-term, convenient solutions like this one become engrained. If you need to take on a few additional hires immediately, stashing a few employees in the conference room may be unavoidable. But it’s a definite sign that your company has outgrown its current space. Off-site storage is expensive, and it can add up to considerable losses. Talk to New Vistas Corp about your company’s storage needs and we can draft a blueprint to meet them.

Lack of Parking

Overcrowding happens slowly, with a minutia of inconveniences eventually adding up to employee conflict, stale office culture, decreased productivity, and disorganization. If company parking has become an issue, finding or constructing a new office may be an investment worth making.

Customers are Coming to You

When you’re just starting out, you and your marketing team have to do most of the heavy lifting to get customers interested in your product. Once you begin fielding requests instead of soliciting them, you know that your company has reached the point where expanding or moving won’t disrupt business.

Brand Visibility is Lacking

An underappreciated aspect of marketing is brand visibility. If you’re cooped up on the 16th floor of an office building, your company visibility is very low. Moving to a new location or expanding will help get your company’s name and attract potential clients.

You’re Realistic About Company Workload

Before you even think about expanding, it’s important to be sure that your company can meet new workload demands. Figure out how many new employees you’ll need, how much space they’ll require, and give yourself some room for additional growth.

What Services Can New Vistas Corp Provide?

New Vistas Corp offers a range of services for companies that want to expand, including property asset management, new development, construction, and real estate brokerage services. If you’re looking to add space to your current office, our developers will draw up a plan according to your specifications and provide all the contractors needed to get the job done. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, we’ll provide an exhaustive plan to build your new workplace from the ground up. Visit our homepage for more information.

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