Five Pro Tips for Buyers and Builders

Dec 4th 2013

Developers and real estate investors are still recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. Much progress has been made. Home prices are rising in light of high demand and new construction is skyrocketing. That doesn’t mean buying or building is simple. In this new era of increased governmental oversight, there are new roadblocks as well as new opportunities. That’s why we’re providing five essential pro tips that will help you get ahead.

1. Invest in a Full-Service Contractor

While it may seem economical to pick and choose from minority contractors, partnering with a full-service contractor who can align electricians, plumbers, and flooring experts often saves both time and money. New Vistas Corporation can help you do this.

2. Focus on Pre-Construction Planning

The quality of pre-construction planning often directly correlates to the quality of a property. With rising labor costs being caused by labor shortages, minimizing construction delays is more essential than ever. New Vistas Corporation can help your project run smoothly and optimize your pre-construction plans for success.

3. Organize Homes for Prioritized Space

If you’re building a new home, make sure to prioritize design for space. Consumers are increasingly demanding storage areas for easy access to different supplies depending on the season.  If you’re buying an existing home, partnering with a company like New Vistas Corporation can help develop a plan to optimize the property for storage.

4. Reduce Energy Costs with Green-Friendly Solutions

Converting existing lighting to LED bulbs not only reduces electrical costs and maintenance, but it could also help a property qualify for Department of Energy and HUD-sponsored government financing. Homes will now be rated on a 1-10 scale based on their energy efficiency. The average American home receives a score of 5. Those with a score of 6 or greater will qualify for tax benefits.

5. Optimize Homes for Seasonal Weather

To ensure a property’s longevity, it’s essential to build homes to meet seasonal demands. Homes not optimized for the season are unlikely to meet buyers’ expectations in the long run. If you’re preparing a sale when winter is approaching, make sure to turn off all exterior waterspouts, weather strip all windows and doors, and have the furnace cleaned and serviced.

Partner with New Vistas Corporation

New Vistas Corporation works throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware to provide asset management, development, construction, financing, and brokerage services to developers and property owners. Visit our website for more information on our services.

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