How Energy Efficiency Can Help You Save

Jan 9th 2012

In the past decade, there has been much discussion about how to introduce eco-friendly practices to all aspects of life. Consumers are increasingly more cognizant of how their food is sourced, how their cars are built, and how the choices they make day to day affect the environment in the short and the long-term. At New Vistas Corporation, we know that there are great ways to be environmentally conscious, but also know that to many these steps can feel costly. We’d like to share a few easy tips to help you conserve energy in your building and save money at the same time.


Many people don’t know that most service providers often offer rebates. Utility companies will typically offer rebates (money given back to the customer for an item or service that has been paid) as an incentive for consumers to implement energy-saving products. Many rebates were introduced as a way to encourage customers to update their buildings to modern standards (i.e. energy-efficient windows) while simultaneously removing old or antiquated components.

How to Cash In

So how does one take advantage of these special offers? The first step is to check in with your service provider and ask about what rebates or offers they have available. Most providers will offer either standard or custom rebates. Standard rebates apply to consumers that are utilizing the provider’s energy-saving program. Custom rebates are those that reward the consumer for demonstrating their energy savings, and may require you to show evidence of this through comparative bills or data. New Vistas Corporation, along with your service provider, can help determine which rebate is right for you.

Energy audits are also great ways to help asset managers evaluate the energy use. When an auditor comes to survey space, they will look at all machinery and equipment that consumes energy, and give specific information about which areas could benefit from an update or the introduction of energy-saving methods. Knowing how you consume energy can help you plan a program that’s right for you and save money.

Contact Us

New Vistas Corporation encourages our customers to pursue “green” practices while not breaking the bank, and we are here to help. Switching out the old hardware for new, energy-efficient light bulbs, insulation, and ventilation offer benefits to building managers, owners, tenants, and the environment. Contact us for more information about how to get started making these changes.

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