Is Your Property Ready for a Long, Cold Winter?

Dec 8th 2015

In New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, the long winter has just begun. As we move out of fall into the heart of winter, it’s a good time to start thinking about winterizing your property or properties. As property managers, asset managers, developers, and brokers, we here at New Vistas Corporation understand the importance of maintaining a property for the season. Below are the most important winter maintenance projects. If you still have some work to do, get in touch with New Vistas Corporation right away.

Proactive HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems require quarterly maintenance, but they require special attention during (and right before) the winter months. If you own a commercial space, even a minor interruption in your heating can result in considerable lost business. Here are the steps to get your HVAC system ready. Make sure coils are clean and free of dust. Failure to do so can cause an unpleasant burning smell that can last for days. Even during closing hours, make sure your system is set for a minimum of 68 degrees. This will decrease the amount of time it takes to heat up the space in the morning and prevent pipes from freezing.

Insulating Vacant Spaces

Vacant storage spaces are essential for any business, but they can cause considerable hazard if they’re not properly insulated. Though you’ll naturally want to prioritize the areas where customers and clients gather—plus offices and break rooms—cold air will enter uninsulated supply rooms and crawlspaces and bring down the temperature in the rest of your office. In some cases, pipes can freeze and burst!

Comprehensive Exterior Inspection

Cracks, splits, punctures, and sieves are never a good thing for a property to have, but they can prove especially problematic during winter. First of all, a compromised exterior will allow warm air to escape. Secondly, it gives access to pests trying to escape the cold weather. There’s no easier way to lose customers than having a rodent problem, so invest in thorough, regular inspections.

Aesthetic Improvements for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for staying bundled up and warm at home, but also for braving the cold weather for holiday shopping. If you’re a retailer, make sure to invest in aesthetic improvements so that your business is looking its best in time for the holiday rush.

Property Management from New Vistas Corporation

If you own a property and need help keeping it maintained and looking and functioning its best, get in contact with New Vistas Corporation. We work with property owners to maintain, manage, and rebuild commercial and residential properties. If you’re interested in our services, please visit our homepage.

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