Property Management Tip: Digital Tools to Attract Tenants & Fill Vacancies

Aug 15th 2017

Filling vacancies is an art form, and like any art form it changes over time. Yesterday’s methods – signs, open houses, and online listings – still work today, but they aren’t enough on their own. To keep your properties occupied and delivering profit, you have to embrace the digital revolution with gusto. Here are some tips.

Digital Tools to Attract New Tenants

Online Listings

It’s no secret that most shoppers find their housing on the internet through sites like Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist. Online listings are the first line of attack, drawing the largest volume of potential renters of any of the methods we’ll discuss in this blog. But lots of interest doesn’t always translate into lots of rent agreements. Steady occupancy rates and quickly filling vacancies is achieved by using online listings as a base line, but also getting the world out using several other digital tools and old-fashioned methods.

Social Media

Real estate agents and property owners have both followed the rest of the business world from static webpages to the dynamic world of social media to boost traffic and pique interest. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are excellent for distributing pictures of properties and especially for announcing open houses. For the latter, make sure to create an actual event in Facebook – don’t simply post the time, date and location.

Blogging & Webinars

Keeping your property or properties fully occupied requires more than just social media posts and property listings. You also have to publicize yourself. To get an audience, you have to offer up something for free. Unless you plan on handing out cash, try sharing information in the form of relevant blog posts and informative webinars. If you work in commercial real estate, try running a blog for business owners. If you rent apartments, post blogs about reducing utility bills. Whatever your area of expertise is, share it with the world on your site as well as on social media. The more viewers and followers you get, the more people will see your vacant properties.

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