Tenant-Friendly Interior Design Trends in 2016

Feb 9th 2013

Home decor, just like any other cultural phenomenon, has its fads and trends. While many interior decor choices, like furniture and color schemes, fall in the tenant’s hands, the savvy property owner recognizes that structural concerns not only beautify the building, but result in increased appeal to new renters. With that in mind, read on to learn a little about the home design trends that are on their way out in 2016, and how you can create effective and beautiful space solutions in their wake.

Mixed Metals

The rustic, elegantly-imperfect look of mixed chrome, bronze, and silver fixtures have gained significant traction among certain Pinterest-obsessed tenants, but it’s not without its pitfalls. In the context of a major decision like whether to rent a property or not, the “eclectic” look can quickly become “shoddy” in the wrong light. Additionally, since these fixtures are built directly into the property, it’s difficult for landlords to switch up the look without significant cost and effort. If your tenants are inclined to try out the style, choose replaceable hardware like cabinet handles, towel rings and drawer pulls. Then you’ll have both your bases covered.

Open Floating Shelving

The sleek, chic look of open kitchen shelving as opposed to traditional closed-in cabinets is certainly aesthetically pleasing, but it can be a functional nightmare for serious cooks. The dust, grime, and kitchen debris that settle on dishes left out in the air can annoy even the most laid-back housekeeper. And if they’re installed poorly, without adequate wall support or in an easily-jostled space, they can even pose a serious safety hazard. Instead of spending money on a trendy installation, consider installing a large baker’s rack or industrial shelving set. These choices will give renters the possibility to actively choose their kitchen layout, plus the equipment is easily repurposed for outdoor or garage storage.

Statement Walls

The writing, in this case, is not on the wall — or at least it shouldn’t be. Inexplicably, more and more property owners are choosing to make the explanatory-statement wall a permanent home fixture. A large-scale “EAT” stencil, for example, really doesn’t need to sprawl across the dining room. Again, what’s trendy and fun in home design magazines loses its charm — and polarizes potential tenants — in a permanent context. The solution? Wall decals. These affordable, easily-removable vinyl stickers add a pop of color and bonhomie that’s easily switched up when it’s time to show the property to new faces.

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