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American Apartment Rents Climb Over 4%, the Fastest Rate Since 2007 Crisis

20160115 New Vistas Corporation_Blog_American Apartment Rents Climb Over 4-, the Fastest Rate Since 2007 Crisis (1)

Rent in apartments and condos saw a greater increase than any year since 2007, presenting increased profit opportunity for landlords, but also new concerns about affordability for renters. According to a recent survey from independent real estate researcher Reis, average rental rates across the nation rose a staggering 4.6% in 2015 — the most significant uptick since the mid-2010's recession. In the current market, an average monthly apartment rent is approximately ...

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Renovating Your Property with an Eye on the Bottom Line

New Vistas Corporation_Blog_Renovating Your Property with an Eye on the Bottom Line

Even if the weather is cold and grey right now, property owners across the nation are planning their summer renovations. Home improvement shows and DIY blogs make the process look easy — and more importantly, profitable. But if you're preparing for improvements or repairs with the goal of increasing sale price, beware of overcapitalizing. Spending money on flashy upgrades may seem like a good idea at the moment, but many ...

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