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Five Upgrades That Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property


If you plan on investing in your commercial real estate property, renting it to tenants, or selling it to a prospective buyer, here are some methods you can employ to boost the value. Make it Eco-Friendly In today’s marketplace, buyers are interested in the environmental impact of the buildings they are considering, regarding both efficiency of energy and water usage and environmental footprint. Analyze your opportunities to harness commercial technologies including ...

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What’s a Better Investment: Self Managing or 3rd-Party Property Management?


The current commercial real estate market is brimming with uncertainties that could lead us down many different paths. This unpredictable environment has office property owners and landlords searching for ways to save on operating costs while maintaining stability for whatever the future might bring. Is Property Management Worth It? Not surprisingly, third-party management services are often one of the first items placed on the chopping block. When markets are strong, many ...

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How Property Owners can Lower the Utility Bill


Everyone likes saving a few dollars when possible. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks you can use to reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. The ten simple tips below don’t require much time or effort and can help you save on your monthly utility bills in no time. Remember the old saying, a penny saved is a penny earned, and these ideas will save you more than ...

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Property Management Tip: Digital Tools to Attract Tenants & Fill Vacancies


Filling vacancies is an art form, and like any art form it changes over time. Yesterday’s methods – signs, open houses, and online listings – still work today, but they aren’t enough on their own. To keep your properties occupied and delivering profit, you have to embrace the digital revolution with gusto. Here are some tips. Digital Tools to Attract New Tenants Online Listings It’s no secret that most shoppers find their ...

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Minimizing Closing Costs, Maximizing Profit


A property's "sticker price" is a solid indicator of its overall worth, but the transaction itself can involve many other fees. Third-party payments to the realtors, mortgage brokers and administrators that helped facilitate a home's sale are known as "closing costs." The specific services that make up these costs vary widely from state to state, but they can add up a significant amount of money — up to 7% of ...

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FinCen Targets Shell Companies in Real Estate Transactions


As of July 22, 2016, FinCen (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) is cracking down on anonymous real estate investors who attempt to purchase high-end residential properties by cloaking themselves in shell companies. New regulations require title insurance companies to disclose the names of any individuals involved in cash transactions for real estate above certain value thresholds in select markets around the United States. According to FinCen’s statement to the press, the ...

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What to Look for in a Management Agreement

Property Management Agreement

For many property owners, day-to-day operational demands get to be too much to handle alone. If you find yourself short on time, desire, or resources to handle the managerial duties that come with owning a property, it’s time to consider a property management company. Once you’ve decided to seek help from a property management company, the next step is to create a Management Agreement that meets your needs. The right agreement ...

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Avoid Paying Sales Tax When Selling Investment Properties

Real Estate Sales Tax

One downside to acquiring investment property is that when you are ready to sell the property and make a profit, the gains made from the sale are taxable. There is a way around this, however. If you purchase a replacement property, it may qualify as a nontaxable exchange according to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. If you regularly acquire investment properties, this is a readily available process. If ...

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Keys to Finding Development Opportunities

Property Management Development Opportunities

If business is slow, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. Wherever you live, there are opportunities for development around every corner. All you need to do is find the corners of your city that are ripe for new construction and contact a developer who will make it happen. This is what Michelle Hediger and James Marsden of SellBoston do, and they are currently top producers at ...

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What to Know Before Purchasing a Foreclosed Properties


Foreclosed properties can be an attractive option when you’re looking to invest in real estate. They are usually great bargains. Foreclosed properties usually sell for much less than similar properties on the open market. That said, there are often hidden costs that you may not see at first. With foreclosed properties, extensive repairs are often necessary. The costs associated with these repairs may actually eliminate the discounted price that made ...

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