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Four New Year’s Resolutions Property Managers Can Keep

The New Year is a time for reflecting on the past as well as looking forward. As property managers, we're always searching for ways to improve our services and make life easier for our clients. That's why today we’d like to share four New Year's resolutions that any property manager should keep. Investing in What Matters Whether managing a single-site or a large portfolio, property managers must focus on services that increase ...

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Five Pro Tips for Buyers and Builders

Developers and real estate investors are still recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. Much progress has been made. Home prices are rising in light of high demand and new construction is skyrocketing. That doesn’t mean buying or building is simple. In this new era of increased governmental oversight, there are new roadblocks as well as new opportunities. That’s why we’re providing five essential pro tips that will help you ...

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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment prospects are more and more alluring as the housing market nears its post-recession state of being. However, like any investment, there is a right way to do things, and a wrong way. Read on to learn 6 things you should NOT do. 1. Going with the Flow Not having a plan is a questionable way to start an investment career. Instead of planning as you go, make an outline ...

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Property Investing: 3 Rules for the Busy Investor

As the old real estate investing axiom says, you must “make your profit when you buy.” While your investing career won’t start with a big fat check right out of the gate, the checks will start rolling in eventually if you implement and follow the right strategies. All that “profit when you buy” really means is that you must “buy smart.” You need to buy a property at a price ...

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Renovating Your Property with an Eye on the Bottom Line

Even if the weather is cold and grey right now, property owners across the nation are planning their summer renovations. Home improvement shows and DIY blogs make the process look easy — and more importantly, profitable. But if you're preparing for improvements or repairs with the goal of increasing sale price, beware of overcapitalizing. Spending money on flashy upgrades may seem like a good idea at the moment, but many ...

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Tenant-Friendly Interior Design Trends in 2016

Home decor, just like any other cultural phenomenon, has its fads and trends. While many interior decor choices, like furniture and color schemes, fall in the tenant's hands, the savvy property owner recognizes that structural concerns not only beautify the building, but result in increased appeal to new renters. With that in mind, read on to learn a little about the home design trends that are on their way out ...

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Smart Home Technology Offers Profit Boosts for Builders and Beyond

In an October 2015 webinar, economists affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) predicted a notable increase in single-family home construction over the next two years — up to 1 million new structures in 2016 and 1.2m in 2017. Driven by employment increases and pent-up demand since the recession, this upturn in the industry represents a significant opportunity for builders and developers. With changes looming on the horizon, builders ...

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The Three Pillars of Securing an Office Space

Securing a commercial property or office space is no easy task. The process is lengthy and keeping track of all the moving parts can feel overwhelming. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, however. Regardless of the state of the market, excellent offices and commercial properties can be found and secured if you follow the three fundamental principles below. 1. Location Location, location, location. The adage has now become cliché, but it’s still true. ...

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Ensuring Your Property is Ready for Tenants

Tenants come and go. Before a new tenant can move in, the property must be ready. If a long-term tenant has just moved out, preparing the property for a new tenant can prove to be a significant project. Below are some basic tips to help you prioritize projects and get the place ready as quickly and efficiently as possible. Safety First Making sure your property is safe is the number one priority. ...

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5 Signs You Need to Expand Your Office

Need to Expand Your Office

Growing companies must be able to provide consistent service to customers and clients and meet an ever-increasing list of demands. Adding space to an existing office or moving your office entirely may seem like a hassle, but every growing company reaches a point where it’s unavoidable. The sooner you make the move, the better. Many companies wait until productivity and employee morale suffers. At New Vistas Corporation, we view expansion ...

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